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Ready, Set, Go FISH!  Personalized book with sock fishies, fishing pole and bucket!

Personalized fishing game book! Learn 6 colors and 6 numbers while fishing for cute sock fishies! These books are personalized with your child's name and likeness (hair and eye color, gender, and skin tone) and if you'd like you can order the coordinating fish, fishing pole and bucket! Or just order the cute book of your choice as they appear either David (boy) and/or Kennedy (girl). Contact me by email at juliebryant20@sbcglobal.net to have a personalized book and fishing accessories created just for you!

Napa Valley Girls! 

Come meet Syrah, Charlock and Olive . . . the sweetest girls of Napa Valley. 

Coming soon:  Plush dolls of Syrah, Charlock and Olive. 

 The four books below are NOW available in eBook format.

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Find out how Gracie gets ready for her grand entrance on her wonder-full adventure to Glory Land!

Learn all about the life cycle of a silkworm as it arrives from China to school.  This educational and fun book shows how a silkworm spins and creates silk! 

Written by Carol Adamo Johnson and illustrated by Julie Bryant

Explore this summer garden story and be surprised with all the bugs you will find. Also included are interesting bug facts.  This story encourages you to grab a friend and give Bug Patrol a try.

Bugs might be scary, sneaky and sly, but it's just their way to continue to survive.  Join bugs everywhere in this humorous look at learning to walk a step over in this bug-filled book.